Titanfall 2 Removed From EA Access and Origin

Fans of the mech shooter Titanfall were recently treated to a Beta of the second game in the series with many players hoping for improvements on the first release. The Beta was not met with the positive feedback that Respawn was hoping for with many players very unhappy with the game in its former state. Luckily, they were quick to address some of the issues that players raised during this Beta trial and even put it live again the next week for players to get more mech action. Sounds great, right?


It appears now that Respawn may have just disappointed their fans again by removing the title from the popular EA programs across PC and Xbox One; EA Origin and EA Access. What does this mean for players? Well, EA would usually give subscribers the opportunity to receive discounts on games and in-game transactions for EA titles included within their service along with early access and a trial period for most games. This will no longer be the case for Titanfall 2 as news spreads that EA could not reach an agreement with Respawn to include this game in their program, despite the first Titanfall game being listed as an EA Origin and EA Access title to this day. Some fans are clearly not happy as subscribers were able to take advantage of the discount up until yesterday leaving many players feeling short changed.


With fears of self imploding, Respawn have stated that it ‘might’ join EA Origin and EA Access at a later date but this won’t happen before the end of 2016. This only adds salt to the wounds for players as there is now a high probability that this could deter some of the hype around this game, especially for subscribers to Origin and Access. Respawn have managed to undo all the good work they did surrounding the Beta in one foul swoop. Here’s hoping that bad things don’t come in threes.


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