Monthly Free Games In September

September is an exciting month for free games so if you have an Xbox Live Gold account or an active Playstation Plus membership then listen up! The full selection of free games across Xbox and Playstation consoles is below and I have weighed in with my 2 cents on these games to help you decide which ones are worth your time but not your money!

Earthlock: Festival Of Magic

Platforms: Xbox One


Earthlock is another game that will launch within the Xbox Games with Gold service, much like Massive Chalice. A big benefit of this game releasing for free is that the developers will give all Xbox backers the second game in the series for free. A sequel to this game is already in the pipeline so you’re effectively getting two games in one for this inclusion in Games with Gold. Is the game any good though? Well, it’s not a ground breaking RPG. The ingredients are as expected; a protagonist, a villain and someone to save. However, the battle system is fresh with three different battle stances available encouraging players to think strategically when fighting opponents. This game is not without its downfalls (i.e. a lack of direction between battles) but what it does offer will definitely be worth downloading for free, especially if you’re a fans of turn based, RPG games.

IGN Score: N/A
Metacritic Score: N/A
Gamespot Score: N/A

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China

Platforms: Xbox One


Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China offers an experience unlike any of the other Assassin’s Creed games. The first, most obvious difference is the fact that this game is a 2D side scroller. Some of you may recoil in a mixture of shock and disbelief reaching the conclusion I must be living in cloud cuckoo land (it’s a real place, I’ve been there!) but I’m deadly serious. The crux is that this game cannot be taken seriously as an Assassin’s Creed game, not purely because it is a side scroller but because this depiction of the Assassin’s Creed brand abandons the recognisable and most loved things from the series. The combat is awkward and the stealth is somewhat unrewarding as there is no real change in difficulty throughout the game. The game is beautiful but there are definitely parts of the game that leaving you questioning why the developers thought it was a good idea to go down this route. If you’re downloading this game this month, just go into it with an open mind!

IGN Score: 6.4/10
Metacritic Score: 67%
Gamespot Score: 6/10

Forza Horizon

Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox 360


It has been many years since I played the original Forza Horizon game but seeing this addition to the Games with Gold line up has reminded me just how good a game this is. Thanks to the original game, I have been hooked on the Forza Horizon series, grabbing every new release at launch or very soon after. Fans of arcade racing games will love this as there are plenty of different racing events to enter such as Festival Events and Star Showdowns which can take place on tarmac or dirt tracks. Forza Horizon also does a great job of giving you direction through the main game as your one and only ultimate objective is to become the Horizon champion. Winning different racing events and working your way up the ranks has never felt so satisfying! Forza Horizon delivers a very rewarding experience and the constant in game ‘back patting’ means you will be addicted to the very end. Do not miss the opportunity to get this for free!

IGN Score: 9/10
Metacritic Score: 85%
Gamespot Score: 8.5/10

Mirror’s Edge

Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox 360


Mirror’s Edge is a great addition to the Games With Gold service! The game boasts some great reviews from when it first released and is wholly regarding as a successful game. Just like many other games in the industry, it is not without some marked improvements but these can easily be overlooked especially considering this game is now available for free! Many criticised the length of this game and some criticised the story line, both of which are fair points but the only thing you should be interested in is, is this game fun to play? The answer to that question is yes. The game revolves around Faith, a ‘runner’ in a utopian setting who is being hunted by the police for murder. With dynamic game play throughout and plenty of action, Mirror’s Edge is a must play in my opinion! The parkour and beautiful graphics are particular highlights for me. Get your running shoes on!

IGN Score: 7.3/10
Metacritic Score: 79%
Gamespot Score: 7/10

Lords of the Fallen

Platforms: PS4


Lords of the Fallen is not a welcomed addition to the Playstation Plus selection but only for the fact that it has been included in Games with Gold. Being someone with both consoles, it has delivered no additional value as I have already got this game and for free too! That doesn’t mean everyone else should feel the same. If you’re not in my situation, then this is either your first chance to get Lords Of The Fallen for free or you have been graced with a second chance to get it for free. The game has been likened to Dark Souls as the game play is so similar. It even replicates the ‘risk and reward’ style of gaming present in Dark Souls by allowing players to earn more experience for missing checkpoints or completing longer combos, for example. This fantasy RPG is a must have for Dark Souls fans and in some ways you may find it more enjoyable. There is plenty of longevity coupled with addictive hack and slash action to make you rue the day you didn’t download this game for free. Avoid the disappointment of missing it for potentially a second time!

IGN Score: 7.4/10
Metacritic Score: 68%
Gamespot Score: 8/10


Platforms: PS4, PS3


Oddly, I have played Abzu before I have played Journey with many gamers citing Journey as the main reason for playing the former. One thing is for sure, the reviews and feedback for Journey have been nothing short of incredible. The game may be shorter than expected with an expected game length of 90 mins but the exploration and mystery in Jounrey provides an almost incomparable feeling. The game focuses around a mysterious, ancient civilisation requiring the player to explore the landscape to find out its secrets. It is a truly unique gaming experience and an absolute must have for any gamers who have not yet played this game. If it is anything like Abzu, which was incredible, then this will be the best free game of the month! High expectations based on great promise of which I doubt will be proved otherwise.

IGN Score: 9/10
Metacritic Score: 92%
Gamespot Score: 10/10

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Platforms: PS3


The Prince of Persia games have all been very enjoyable and The Forgotten Sands is no different. This 3D action, platformer is great fun to play, not least for the impressive acrobatics of our hero. For any gamers that have played any Prince of Persia games then this is much of the same. The wheel has not been re-invented here as we are presented with more of the same enjoyable formula from previous titles. If you do not have this frame of reference then think of a modern Tomb Raider game without the tombs for general game play and combine that with the combat from the Batman Arkham series. You may be thinking with those two comparisons this should be one of the best games in its genre but it is worth mentioning that the game is only similar in principle; not in execution. Yes, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is fun to play but the game comes dangerously close to being repetitive and lacklustre. Luckily there is just enough here to make you want to play right through to the end.

IGN Score: 8/10
Metacritic Score: 75%
Gamespot Score: 7.5/10


Platforms: PS3


To quote Churchill, Datura is ‘a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma’. The game play is idiosyncratic as you control a drug induced character wandering through a mysterious wood to uncover the artistic story that lies beneath the games veneer. The story and the way you play is what makes this game stand out but the problem with the game, and it’s a doozy, is the game’s controls completely takes the enjoyment out of revealing more about the story. Considering this is now free it could well be worth trying if you can get over the disappointing controls but that is a bit if. With so many other great free games this month I won’t mind giving this one a miss.

IGN Score: 6/10
Metacritic Score: 57%
Gamespot Score: 4/10


Platforms: PS Vita, PS4, PS3


Badland was originally a mobile game that was ported over to Playstation with over 4 times the content. If you are unsure what this game involves then welcome to the club! The way I see it is that this game is a side scroller with similar dynamics to Flappy Bird. The main objective being to solve all the puzzles in the level to effectively reach the end. Ambiguous, I know! There is no doubt that Badlands is a fun game but the one negative of this game, one which is also true of most mobile games, is that there is little variety. Once you have played a few levels then you have effectively played them all. Badland will be a great time waster but you are not going to invest hours of gaming into each sitting. Thankfully this is free and well worth downloading, if only to try and understand the game more!

IGN Score: N/A
Metacritic Score: N/A
Gamespot Score: N/A

Amnesia: Memories

Platforms: PS Vita


Amnesia: Memories is an otome game that is categorised very firmly in the visual novel genre. This dating sim is cute and colourful but that is as far as my description can go as this is where we start to exit my area of expertise. As far as novel games go, Amnesia: Memories has been dubbed to break the formulaic approach most games of this genre take but the overall game is under par due to poor dialogue and a predictable plot. If you are a fan of these games (and more importantly, you own a Vita) then you can find out for yourself if this verdict is accurate. As for me, I will not be affirming the above as this is not my niche!

IGN Score: N/A
Metacritic Score: 72%
Gamespot Score: N/A


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