Must Buy Games In September 2016

September will be a big month for game releases and it is often the time of year where my bank balance suffers most as there are some annual AAA titles releasing that I typically always buy. This year is no different but there are some new titles entering the fray this month that will be worth checking out. Let’s hope you have been saving the pennies as there is a high likelihood you will want the vast majority of these games!

Bioshock: The Collection


Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC
Release Date: 13th September

The Bioshock series are regarded, by many, as the best games to have graced our gaming machines! Having played these games on Xbxo 360, I am not arguing with those people who hold this opinion. Considering all the DLC’s and additional content will also be available in the remastered version then you cannot say it isn’t value for money but for owners of the game on Xbox 360 there is still a question mark on whether these games will still be added to backwards compatibility. If you have never played the Bioshock series then now is a good a time as any to start from the beginning. Just accept you are going to lose many hours from the real word, quite literally, with this intensively, gripping game.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017


Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Release Date: 13th September

Every year Konami and EA battle it out of the title of ‘best football game of the year’ and typically, FIFA always wins this battle. In all honesty, I have always been a FIFA fanboy but this year could be different. PES 2017 was massively upgraded last year and we have been reassured the online experience in this latest game is now stable. If these changes are executed right then this would make PES 17 a competitive proposition worthy of taking on the FIFA franchase; and giving it a run for its money. Luckily, there is a free demo of this game too so if you are in two minds, get some hands on experience before making your decision. This may be one of the closest match ups all season.



Platforms: Xbox One, PC
Release Date: 13th September

The creators of ReCore have also been responsible for Metroid Prime which was one of my favourite games for the Gamecube, so I have high hopes for this game. Having seen some of the game play footage from Gamescom this year, that excitement hasn’t faded. Combining elements of strategy with a typical action/adventure game, this looks like it doesn’t stray too far from the Metroid Prime mould and we wouldn’t want it to either. There may not be a groundbreaking story underneath all of this but I would welcome a game of this genre to Xbox with open arms. Hoping for a nice little surprise here and for only £30, it’s a bargain!

Destiny: Rise of Iron


Platforms: Xbox One, PS4
Release Date: 20th September

There is an obvious difference of opinion when it comes to Destiny which plays out much like any Marmite advert you may have seen from the past 20 years. It doesn’t matter if you love it or you hate it, this FPS is a fun game which is getting better and better. With the latest add-on players will get more story line to get involved with as well as a new crucible mode (online game mode for any Destiny newcomers), private lobbies and also a new strike mission. Despite the new crucible mode receiving underwhelming reaction for just being the very familiar Kill Confirmed with a  fancy new name, the other additions in this DLC will allow for more variety in game and a bit more longevity from a game that released 2 years ago. This is by no means a spectacular release but it adds plenty of content for fans of Destiny to enjoy until Bungie announce Destiny 2.

Forza Horizon 3


Platforms: Xbox One, PC
Release Date: 27th September

Forza games will always get their fair share of publicity, Forza Horizon 3 is no different but despite the lavish, in your face advertising across every media channel available I am genuinely excited for this release. I have not been disappointed with any of the Forza Horizon games and this latest outing looks to deliver more of the same type of gameplay. If you are into your arcade racing games then this is a game for you with plenty of cars to collect and races to win! If you have never played a Forza Horizon game then pick up Forza Horizon in Games with Gold this September and get hooked. Once you have had a taste you will understand why Forza Horizon 3 is a must have!



Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Android, iOS
Release Date 27th September

As a football fan I always look forward to the release of the next FIFA game hoping that the grievances I experienced in former versions will be fixed or improved in the newest release. Instead I have always been faced with new, more annoying dislikes. However, there is some hope for FIFA 17 as the engine that powers the game has been completely overhauled moving from Ignite to Frostbite. With improvements to graphics expected, players can also hope for improvements in game play which should make this the most all round FIFA game for many years. Also FIFA has over its rivals with the addictive Ultimate Team, so if the game play improvements are significant then Ultimate Team is guaranteed to be the most fun you can have playing a football game this year! It may be a close call between PES and FIFA at the moment but FIFA may btake all the points with this release.


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