Overcooked Review

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC

When trying to find a new game to play amongst the horde of game adverts on the Playstation store, I usually find myself gravitating towards the AAA titles in the false hope that their premium price tag will guarantee an unrivalled gaming experience. After being let down by many AAA in the not to distant past I have started to look at more indie games to find my gaming restitution. Enter Overcooked; a game that at first glance had mobile gaming influences. I downloaded with skepticism but that feeling was quickly quashed as I soon realised this game is one of the finest indies game on the market!

Keep it simple


There is definitely one element to this game that makes it so successful; its simple! Don’t get me wrong, I am not claiming this game is easy as there is a big importance on being strategic through the levels if you want to get 3 stars but the concept of the game is very easy to understand. You are effectively preparing and cooking food to order in order to achieve the highest score. There is nothing more satisfying than trying a level, getting a 1 star rating and then planning your next tactic to achieve the 3 star rating and implementing that strategy to perfection. I have played through this game within 2-3 days and I have never been more disappointed with the ending of a game. Not for a disappointing game or storyline but more so for the fact that I wanted more levels and more challenges to get my teeth sunk into. If there is one criticism, and it would be a very harsh one, it would be that the game is short. You could probably get through all the levels within 5 hours but let’s face it, those 5 hours would be so fun it would be offensive!

More is better


If you are considering taking on this game in single player then you may want to think again. On your own this game will be fun but also tough. However, with just one friend you can breeze through much of the game whilst achieving the highest of scores. With the option of adding up to 3 friends locally this makes this game the ultimate party game. I’m pretty sure there’s a drinking game in here somewhere! The point that I am trying to make is this is far more enjoyable with a group of friends as there is more room for strategic thinking on how best to complete the levels by assigning tasks to each player. The benefits of multiplayer is twofold though as the extra players makes the kitchen a more chaotic place to be! There is a guarantee of laughing and frustration with Overcooked!

It’s a spectator game


I won’t lie, I had to watch a Youtube video of Overcooked to decide if it was worth buying and in all honesty, I could have watched this game from beginning to end with no qualms. Get the right personalities playing this game and it makes a great spectator game. If you are a live streamer or a budding Youtuber then this game is worth playing to just share your crazy kitchen experiences with your fans. The players reactions and strategizing is something everyone can get involved in!

The Verdict


I was addicted to this game after the first couple of levels and I never looked back on purchasing this game. If you are stuck looking for your next game and you’re sick of the annual releases of AAA titles that never live up to the hype then this game may well fill that void. There really isn’t too many pitfalls to this game as the harshest criticisms would be length and repetitiveness but in reality you won’t notice the repetitiveness whilst playing and its credit to the developers that they have made the game so addictive that you will complete it in such a short time. Get your apron on, you’re needed in the kitchen!

TJSimpsonz Score: 9.5/10


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