5 Things To Look Out For At Gamescom 2016

Gamescom is not the biggest gaming conference of the year but there is always a reason to keep up with the latest news that comes out of this expo in Germany, especially considering many gamers will be weighing up which games they will spend their hard earned cash on before the end of the year. With the event starting on 17th August, we take a look at 5 of the most exciting stories coming out of Germany at the moment and what potential gems could be announced Gamescom this year.

EA’s Livestreams


EA will be livestreaming some of their AAA titles at Gamescom and with many of their releases generating a substainal level of excitement, it will be important for EA to showcase just what they have been working on over the past few months. Expect livestream footage of FIFA 17’s Ultimate team, Titanfall 2’s multiplayer and Battlefield One’s new maps and vehicles. That’s all great so far but the most interesting part of EA’s conference is the ambiguously named ‘a look into our Star Wars games’. Are we going to be seeing a first peak at the rumoured Star Wars: Battlefront 2? Only time will tell.


Destiny: Rise Of Iron


Bungie have made Destiny into a great game to rival Halo and every other first person shooter that has released this year. All of the additions to date have been well received by the game’s community so we are, obviously, all looking forward to seeing the latest add ons in action. Luckily, Bungie will be livestreaming their upcoming release; Rise Of Iron so there should be plenty of news on new multiplayer Crucible modes, maps and features. If you’re an unsociable gamer and only care about the story line then there will also be footage of new missions on Felwinter Peak and the Plaguelands shown at Bungie’s conference. With Rise Of Iron set to release in September this will be nail biting stuff for Destiny fans.


Resident Evil 7


The feedback from players for Resident Evil 7 has been so immense that it is set up to be the biggest zombie game release of the year, especially considering the demo set a new record for the most downloaded single-player PS4 demo in its first week of release. Expect to see a full version of the game at Gamescom and find out more about the VR version of the game which will release for Playstation VR later this year. With a return to horror being the focal message from producer Masachia Kawata it will be exciting to see just how scary this game will be, especially in VR!


Rockstar Rumours


There are always rumours flying around ahead of every games conference but the latest Rockstar rumours are big ones! Fans are spreading the word that GTA 6 or Red Dead Redemption 2 will be revealed at Gamescom 2016 which would be a dream come true for many fans of those series. It is yet to be seen whether Rockstar will unveil anything new this August but with new, more powerful consoles coming in Winter 2017, there are plausible reasons to think that this would be the perfect time to release a new GTA game! I maybe be sceptical at this stage but I’ll be keeping a close eye out, just in case.


Playstation VR


There will be no updates on the highly anticipated Playstation Neo/Playstation 4K console at Gamescom as they have already announced an update on this console on the 7th September. However, Sony will be showing off their VR technology at Gamescom and I am excited to see it in action. With some big titles to be released as part of the VR program, including Batman Arkham VR and Resident Evil 7, it will be good to see Sony really sell the technology ahead of its October release. Despite some criticism coming in describing the PS VR experience as nauseating it is, at least in my opinion, a step in the right direction for console gaming as many PC gamers have already used and got on with VR technology. Let’s see if it will be worth saving the pennies for.


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