The Best Racing Games In 2016?

Good news all you gear heads! You will be treated to a host of driving games in the second half of 2016 and none are seeming to fall below a good standard. Of course, with all driving games there are certain player criteria that need to be added within the game to make it the ideal driving for any player. Your desired criteria will vary depending on your desire for a realistic or arcade experience. Luckily, all the racing games released before the end of the year will cater for every drivers needs.

F1 2016


Release Date: 19th August
Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC

The highly anticipated F1 2016 game appears to have made amends for some of its errors in last year’s instalment as the trailer has received largely positive feedback. The media response has also been positive with many claiming that this will be the best F1 game in quite some time. The one thing that F1 2016 will have over most other racing games is its strong representation of the F1 championships in both online and offline game modes. The realism in the F1 driving is unrivalled as there is a strong focus on driving strategy so choose your pit stops carefully as they could be the difference! Despite the large amount of content this is a game for F1 enthusiasts only, so if you are looking to drive a host of different cars then look elsewhere. Otherwise, you will be right at home here.

Assetto Corsa


Release Date: 26th August
Platforms: Xbox One, Ps4, PC

Assetto Corsa has already been released on PC and there is a cult following for this game. You only need to drive your first race to figure out why. Forget everything you already know about racing games as this game takes the realism factor to a whole new level. Customise the tuning of well known car manufacturers ranging from Ferrari to Ford and trust me, you really will feel the difference in game. It is argued that you need a wheel to truly experience Assetto Corsa at its best but it is still fun to perfect your driving skills using a controller. Drifting in this game is also so much fun eben though the learning curve is very steep. Grab a copy if you want an unbeatable driving sim, just keep in mind this is not for car collectors or arcade racers!

Forza Horizon 3


Release Date: 27th September
Platforms: Xbox One

The Forza Horizon series is one of my favourite arcade racing experiences and this latest game looks to offer more of the same but with a twist. In previous games, the aim was to become the best driver at festival events on a variety of different terrains. The car have all been specially selected for these events and it often brings out the best in the arcade racing experience. This game brings new, different terrains including driving on the beach! C’mon, driving on a beach in a beach buggy car is cool, right? Either way, there is an exciting list of cars already released for this game and it is still growing. The replayability of this game is also a bonus! If you are a fan of arcade racing games then this should be the only racing game you will need!

Drive Club VR


Release Date: 13th October
Platforms: Playstation VR

This will be the first driving VR experience available on a console so hopes are high. The original Driveclub game was not a polished experience at launch by any means but it has grown into a fun, competitive driving experience. It is unknown as to whether the game will be as big as the original which contained a strong amount of cars and tracks. Either way, the addtition of VR makes this release uniquely attractive. Who wouldn’t? It is worth mentioning the realism in the driving does not compare to some of its rivals but that is forgivable for the fact that it is good old fashioned, racing fun! If you have pre-order Playstation VR then this is most definitely a VR launch title worth trying.

Gran Turismo Sport


Release Date: 15th November
Platforms: PS4

Gran Turismo has always been known for its realism in driving games but the upcoming GT Sport tries to combine that realism with Forza Horizon type game play. It is very early doors for this game but based on media feedback this game does not provide the realism that you can get from Assetto Corsa or the driving experiences you get from Forza Horizon. It is like the game is trying to be a jack of all trades and it is yet to be seen whether it will be well executed or not. As with many Gran Turismo games there is a high probability that the release date will be delayed so Sony can get attempt to perfect the game which I’m sure will result in a dramatic increase in quality but we will have to wait until November to really know if its worth buying. Keep an eye on this game because everything else (graphics, cars, etc) is top notch so far!


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