ABZÛ Review

Platforms: PS4, PC

Living the life of an average gamer you will often encounter the scenario where you leap between multiple titles, searching for a game that delivers a rewarding experience. Where many games have failed before is that they try too hard to achieve the above that the execution of the game ends up not meeting our high expectations. This means that many of us are still looking for that perfect game. Well look no further as Abzû delivers an experience close to perfection!

Beautiful Discovery


Abzû, in a nutshell, is an exploratory game when you control a scuba diver as they search to find the hidden depths of the aquatic world around them. As the story progresses it is hard not to take in the beautiful ecosystems that surround you. The detail on the different species of fish and the level of detail that goes into light reflections of the water goes a long way to immersing the player in the game. It is not only the graphics that make this game beautiful but the story that unfolds is an emotional rollercoaster that is executed to perfection. If there is one place you could criticise Abzû, it will not be the story or graphics.

Size Doesn’t Matter?


One area where Abzû has received some criticism is in the length of the game. The campaign is said to only be approximately 2 hours long which is short in comparison to other similar games. Despite this shorter than average play time, it will still provide you a full game experience. In many ways, you could argue the short campaign is a positive as players will not feel pressured into finishing this game due to needing to plug 9 hours plus into the campaign. The life of a gamer is hectic and most of us don’t have that much time to dedicate to gaming. Therefore, the pressure free environment created in Abzû is a nice change from the norm.The price reflects the size of the game as it will set you back £19.99 but when you realise that going to the cinema to get a similar experience with relatively little upheaval  on price then this is worth every penny.


This review may not be particularly long and that is mostly down to the game not being very long and as a result, not wanting to give away too much of the story line but there is one big message I want to deliver to all readers. Abzû is one of the best game releases of 2016 so far as it delivers a unique experience, an emotionally brilliant story line and at a reasonably cheap price. If you weren’t thinking about playing this game then I hope this review has done enough to change your mind. If it hasn’t then watch the trailer:

TJSimpsonz Score: 9/10


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