Monthly Free Games in August

August brings a new selection of free games across the top consoles and it looks like there are a few quality, indie games in the line up. If you are strapped for cash or saving your money for silly season, which is just around the corner, you can be sure there are a few games here that will help pass the time.

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (Xbox One)


This tactical action game allows players to take control of characters from the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors franchise to defeat the serpent king, Orochi. If that first sentence of the game makes no sense to you then it is highly probably this game is not for you, however if you have ever been interested in playing any of the warrior games then the good news is this is probably the best entry game for the franchise. If you’re a fan of action RPG games similar to God of War, Final Fantasy or Ryse: Son of Rome then this is a game worth playing. There is also plenty of content in this version of the game so don’t miss out on, literally, hours worth of gaming!

IGN score: 8.5/10
Metacritic score: 77%
Gamespot score: N/A

WWE 2K16 (Xbox One)


WWE 2K16 has reviewed some mixed reviews which ultimately means this is a very average wrestling game. To put it really simply, this game is an improvement on WWE 2k15 as there is a much fuller roster of wrestlers and more game modes to choose from but there are some areas that lack the polish a game like this deserves. Graphically underwhelming, rehashed entrances for more unknown wrestlers and repetitive commentary are just some examples. Ultimately, this game is still fun, especially for WWE fans and since it is free then it would seem like a no brainer. Anyone else think ‘no brainer’ sound like a wrestling move?

 IGN score: 8.8/10
Metacritic score: 74%
Gamespot score: 4/10

Spelunky (Xbox 360)


Spelunky is a game that has been highly rated across the board. This 2D platformer has similarities to Terraria in appearance but it has its own unique style of game play. An example of this is when you experience NPC’s in other games they are static and force you to play a certain way. In Spelunky, these NPC’s can be attacked and killed and not only by you but also by nearby enemies. Their reactions can often be hilarious and makes for an original way to play your average platformer. In a similar category to Super Meat Boy in that this game is quite difficult to complete but no matter how many time you die you will enjoy it every time. Hours of fun to be had here!

 IGN score: 9/10
Metacritic score: 90%
Gamespot score: 8/10

 Beyond Good & Evil HD (Xbox 360)


Beyond Good and Evil can only be described as a stealth, platformer that is mostly a hybrid of stealth centric games such as Assassin’s Creed mixed with some classic theme from 3D platformers such as Mario or Zelda. The game is solid but was not an instant success which is why the buzz around this game subsided from its original release in 2004. Now that it is free this game is a steal. If you enjoy hiding in the shadows or whatever sneaky people do then try out this game. Worst case scenario is you dislike it but you’re no worse off.

IGN score: 8.5/10
Metacritic score: 83%
Gamespot score: 8.5/10 (User Reviews)

Rebel Galaxy (PS4)


In many ways Rebel Galaxy is a poor man’s No Man’s Sky but if you are waiting until later in the year to play NMS then this may just appease your impatience. Rebel Galaxy does many things well but the game does lack longevity as the campaign feels a little bare bones at times but this can be overlooked if your a fan of exploration games with plenty of action. You wouldnt choose this over NMS but if you have it oN your wishlist then play this to stay hyped.

IGN score: 8/10
Metacritic score: 64%
Gamespot score: N/A

Tricky Towers (PS4)


Are you a retro games enthusiast looking for a new version of a Tetris style game? Then look no further than Tricky Towers. This game is a multiplayer Tetris lookalike that requires players to create towers from the blocks that fall from the top of the screen but to do it faster and with more style that your friends. There are also power ups in the game that either help you build your tower or help prevent your friends from building theirs. If you like playing games with people then this is definitely a game to introduce at your next gaming session.

IGN score: N/A
Metacritic score: 71%
Gamespot score: N/A

Ultratron (PS4, PS3, PS Vita)


Sony continue the retro game feel in theor free selection with Ultratron, a game reminiscent of Space Invaders but ramped up for your enjoyment. There aren’t many reviews to assess whether this title will deliver the enjoyment that the trailer promises but there is no doubt that this game should be downloaded by all to formulate your own verdicts. There games are typically addictive and frustrating and ultratron looks no different.

IGN score: N/A
Metacritic score: 74%
Gamespot score: N/A

Retro/Grade (PS3)


Retro/Grade is a unique addition the the free games available on the Playstation store. It may look like the game is your standard action shooter but this is a shooter with a twist! You movements in the game are timed to music which provides an additional fun factor but in reality does not deliver a lasting experience that will keep you playing for a long time. If you have a guitar controller then this may be the game that encourages you to dust it down and get your money’s worth, otherwise it’s a great time waster!

IGN score: 7/10
Metacritic score: 78%
Gamespot score: 7/10

Yakuza 5 (PS3)


Yakuza is an action, adventure game that allows players to explore vast landscapes and battling hoardes of enemies at the same time. The combination of these two elements had been finely balanced in this release and players will be able to enjoy fast paced battles when the enemies coming rushing in. There are many improvements in this game that weren’t aparent in earlier games in the series but this will not be a game for everyone. Fans of God Of War will love this, other games not so much.

IGN score: N/A
Metacritic score: 83%
Gamespot score: 8/10

Patapon 3 (PSP; PS Vita compatible)


Patapon 3 follows directly where the previous game left off which is great if you know the story but if you don’t then you will need to pay attention to learn what is going on. Aside from that early negative, the rest of the game is a lot of fun. This is not your standard story game as the player will use the button controls to strike different drums and controll thrir characters through the story line. This original idea for a story telling game is nothing if it is not fun and let’s be honest, that’s the only reason we play games in the first place so make sure you download this game.

IGN score: 9/10
Metacritic score: 74%
Gamespot score: 8/10


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