Must Buy Games In August 2016

August has rolled around quickly and the good news is that we are starting to see some really interesting and exciting games being released in the run up to Christmas (I know that it shouldn’t be mentioned in August!). There is a distinct theme of exploration this month that will no doubt appease those gamers who love open worlds but there are still new games being released for fans of different genres. I have picked the best of the bunch and identified which ones you should part with your hard earned cash for.



Abzû looks like the most interesting game release of August 2016. The game is based around exploring an underwater world to find hidden secrets that ultimately reveal a compelling story about the world in which you dwell. I maybe haven’t sold it to you in that short description but you would be hard pushed to find a more enticing story line. Playing the role of a scuba diver, your aim is to explore the ocean to solve the oceans mysteries whilst gazing at the beauty of the wildlife and scenery around you. It may be uniquely obscure in its premise but it has had great reviews from well known editors and Youtubers. If you are looking for something different from the norm then you don’t need to read the rest of this article. Just download Abzû and enjoy!

Platforms: PS4, PC
Release Date: 2nd October

No Man’s Sky


No Man’s Sky has been highly anticipated for its unrivaled, huge open world that allows players to explore seemingly endless planets and experience something at every stop. The scope of the game is huge and this is exciting for fans of the open world genre as this potentially holds hours of unique game play. The game may seem quite limited at first glance but there are more things to do than just explore; you will need to fight to survive. This may be fighting other life forms in outer space in gorgeous looking spaceship fights that Star Wars Battlefront would be envious of. There is also a friendly community within the vast entirety of the No Man’s Sky’s universe allowing players to make use of everything that they find on their travels through trading. It is yet to be seen how well polished this game is, especially since the launch date has been pushed back once this year already but it’s unavoidably desirable. It’s worth a punt in my book!

Platforms: PS4, PC
Release Date: 9th August

Grow Up


Grow Up is the sequel to Ubisoft’s Grow Home and it will provide more of the same game play from the original but with some added features to make the latest version more entertaining. The game is definitely more fun with these added extras as they enhance the physics within the game but in all honesty, Grow Home was so wonderfully original that its sequel will be welcomed regardless of the added extras as many players are craving more. The basic concept of the game is to help the main character, B.U.D, to ‘Grow Home’ by climbing and exploring the surrounding planets by growing plants to link each world together. This new platformer continues the story and it is a welcome addition to the gaming line up in August but let’s just hope it’s longer than its predecessor. Indie game enthusiasts are guaranteed to love this game, all other gamers should try this game. Buy, buy, buy!

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC
Release Date: 16th August

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is sure to whet the appetite of stealth fans. If you have never played a Deus Ex game then ask yourself this. Are you a fan of Metal Gear Solid? Well then you are probably going to like Deus Ex. However, this latest installment aims to add some extra flavour and shake things up. The game play is consistent with other Deus Ex games but Mankind Divided aims to stand out by delivering action based consequences resulting in many different outcomes in the game. You start to realise how this translates in the game when you understand that completing a level in a certain time can result in avoiding certain circumstances. Cryptic, I know! This game really has replayability due to the nature of the game but it is also a great game to stream (if that’s what you’re into). This may not be ticking all my boxes for a new game but it is unquestionably an exciting title, especially since they are trying something new!

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC
Release Date: 23rd August


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