What Is The Future For Nintendo?

Nintendo have always been involved in the console war throughout the years spending many years as top dog with the SNES and N64, both of which were hugely popular during their time. In recent years Nintendo’s stronghold on the market has waned as the Gamecube and Wii U were particular low points in the company’s illustrious history. With the recent poor performance from the Wii U it was important that Nintendo’s next gaming outing was spectacular to avoid following the same fate as SEGA back in the 90’s. Not only have Nintendo nailed it but perhaps we have seen where Nintendo will make a real difference.

Pokemon GO Sets The Bar


Pokemon GO is the latest game from Nintendo where players can catch the original Pokemon by patrolling real life landscapes. Powered by AR, this game provides a unique gaming experience that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. No wonder it has taken the world by storm and Nintendo will surely be happy as their shares have soared by 25% and the company’s value has increased by £6bn in the past 2 days, a much needed boost after the Wii U’s incredible flop.

One thing is clear with this release, Nintendo could own the mobile gaming market by transforming it from the current, simplistic gaming experience to the exotic and new gaming experience found in Pokemon GO. Nintendo have dominated the handheld gaming market for a long time and it would not be out of the question to suggest they could bring their handheld success to the mobile market, potentially bringing the traditional console gamers with them. It is early days to predict future plans. Nintendo may have confirmed they will develop mobile games but there has been no promise of popular Nintendo characters making the switch to mobile. Maybe the success of Pokemon will change their mind. If Mario or Donkey Kong became available on my phone then I would definitely start taking mobile games far more seriously.

Nintendo’s Innovation Can Be Market Leading

As the rest of the gaming industry has been focusing on VR, Nintendo has been quietly making the best use of AR in a hugely popular franchise and delivering an astonishing product. This proves that Nintendo are more than capable of delivering a technologically innovative product and dominating the market. The original Wii console is in a similar category and only now has my interest been peaked for the new Nintendo NX console, which has now been revealed as the Nintendo Switch.


Very little information regarding this console has been shared publicly but we have learnt some small details regarding its launch:

1. Many big developers have said good things about the Nintendo Switch
2. We may see a return to cartridge games
3. Nintendo are worried about imitators if they announce details too early

The details are sparing but they suggest that Nintendo are making use of the latest technology in the Switch console. Maybe there is an inclusion of AR and VR in their latest console or maybe the secrecy is because they are about to announce something new to take gaming to the next step. I’m confident that Nintendo’s next console will be something impressive and I am eager to learn more. Rumours have it that the NX console will be making its debut at Gamescom in August so keep your eyes peeled.

Are you hyped for the next releases from Nintendo?

Share your thoughts on Pokemon GO, Nintendo or the new NX console in the comments below or share this post with your friends and start discussing how Nintendo could shape the future of gaming.


7 thoughts on “What Is The Future For Nintendo?

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  1. The NX is probably one of Nintendo’s most mysterious console reveals to date. Even the Wii was revealed well in advance of it’s release. Nintendo hasn’t shown anything yet and the NX is supposed to drop a new console in MARCH?!

    They’ve got the world’s attention right now with Pokemon Go, hopefully a NX direct to reveal their next console isn’t too far off.

    Great article!


      1. Ooph, that’s a tough one to put my finger on. Nintendo can be so unpredictable. I wouldn’t put it past them to axe the DS line and make their next console a hybrid. Something where you can play at home, and then easily take it on the go with you.


      2. That was the original plan with the tablet controllers for te Wii U so its hard to say if they will try it again. Whatever it ends up being I’m expecting something unqie.


  2. I cannot wait to see where Nintendo goes. I grew up with the NES and SNES and would love to see them compete more with XBOX and Playstation. Great writeup, do you feature your work on any other sites at all?


    1. Thanks for the comment! I agree, Nintendo should be competing more with Xbox and Playstation. Hopefully the NX console will get them back up there.

      I don’t do any write ups on other sites at the moment but would happily do some if the right opportunities came my way 🙂


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