Monthly Free Games in July

It’s the beginning of the month and that means console gamers will be able to download some new games for free, courtesy of Mircosoft’s Games with Gold and Sony’s Playstation Plus Free Games. Last month, we had some big titles hit the stores and all in all we had a good month for free games. So will July continue this trend?

The Banner Saga 2 (Xbox One)


The Banner Saga 2 is a new release for Xbox and it is going straight into the Games with Gold selection this July. If this rings alarm bells then let me reassure you that this strategic RPG video game is not in the same league as those terrible straight to DVD movies. This video game is a sequel to the first Banner Saga game, where the player is required to lead their own Viking clan to ensure their survival. This game has similar game play to the Telltale series and the story itself is as immersive as they come. Characters you lose in battle will long be remembered even after they are gone. Fans of The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead should download this game.

IGN score: 8.9/10
Metacritic score: 83%
Gamespot score: 8/10

Tumblestone (Xbox One)


Tumblestone is a match 3 game which requires players to shoot at least 3 blocks of the same colour in a Tetris style board with the aim of clearing the entire board. Failing to do this in right order will mean the player has to reset and start again. This may be a slightly different twist on the mobile match 3 games but to me it still doesn’t deliver an entertaining experience. If you are a fan of Candy Crush Saga or any other host of generic mobile games then you will most likely enjoy this game but for me this is a disappointing inclusion in the free games selection.

IGN score: TBC
Metacritic score: TBC
Gamespot score: TBC

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 (Xbox 360/Xbox One)


Tom Clancy’s name is usually associated with enjoyable shooters but following the disappointing release of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas, expectations were not high for this game. The good news is that this game improves on many of the disappointments from the first release by improving the storyline with the simple premise of capturing and stopping terrorists from reaching Vegas and tweaking the game play. This is an accomplished shooter that doesn’t quite rival the original Call of Duty games but offers just as much enjoyment. This is one of the highlights from the free selection this month so make sure you download this game.

IGN score: 7.7/10
Metacritic score: 78%
Gamespot score: 8.5/10

TRON Evolution (Xbox 360/Xbox One)


TRON Evolution is a video game based off the TRON films and takes place between the TRON and TRON: Legacy stories revealling significan’t details within TRON mythology. If you’re a fan of TRON then you will probably be a fan of this third person shooter but for those gamers that do not hold an affinity to the TRON franchise then this is a very average game. The multiplayer game mode is the highlight of this game as the rest of the game is, well, underwhelming. Proceed with caution with this game.

IGN score: 6/10
Metacritic score: 58%
Gamespot score: 7/10

Saints Row:Gat out of Hell (PS4)


This is not Saints Row as we know it. The storyline involve being sucked into hell, marriage to the devils daughter and saving the boss from Satan himself. A completely different premise to the other Saints Row video games. Despite obvious signs that this is a budget version of a Saints Row game with no outfit customisation or in game radio, it is hard to igmore this game is still fun. If you’re a fan of film sequels that are often worse than the original films then you will probably love this game.

IGN Score: 7/10
Metacritic score: 66%
Gamespot score: 7/10

Furi (PS4)


Furi is another new game that has gone straight to the free game selection as part of Playstation Plus’ free games but this game looks like a worthwhile download. The storyline is simple, your character has been jailed for unknown reasons and you must escape, battling a series of bosses to achieve your goal.The graphics in this game are stunning with colourful landscapes that really engage with the player. If you are looking for a challenge within your games then Furi will oblige as the boss battles are tough. They fighting tactics can completely change mid fight to deliver a killer blow to your character. There is potentially hours of game play to be had from this game so you should definitely download this game.

IGN Score: TBC
Metacritic score: TBC
Gamespot score: TBC

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (PS3)


Call of Juarez is prequel to the Call of Juarez series and it is a very good game if not for a few annoying drawbacks. The story perfectly executes characters backstories and introduces players into the Call of Juarez series with plenty of action, explosions and duels, all of which make this game highly enjoyable. The reason this game does not have higher review scores is that the missions can feel repetitive and technical issues with the game can interrupt the flow of the game resulting in a less immersive experience. Despite its flaws this game should still be downloaded, especially if you are a fan of shooters.

IGN score: 7.5/10
Metacritic score: 78%
Gamespot score: 8/10

Fat Princess (PS3)


Fat Princess is a predominantly multiplayer experience that  requires you kidnap your princess from the opposing castle. The is far more depth to the game than that accurate description of the game when you kidnap the princess you must keep her safe in your castle for long enough to win the game. In comes the attacking and defensive elements of the game as there are hat machine that will allow you to take on different roles to achieve your goal i.e. warrior, ranger, worker, etc. Some of these roles are offensively set up with special attacks that will help attack your opposing teams castle whilst others a defensively minded. What this game executes so well is that all players, whether offensive or defensive, will be equally rewarded for carrying out their role for the team. It is balanced multiplayer gaming at its best. There are some drawbacks to the game such as no ability to form clans or private rooms for battling with your friends but it will still be hard to argue that this won’t be the most fun you have had playing a mutliplayer game in a long time.

IGN score: 9/10
Metacritic score: 63%
Gamespot score: 7.5/10


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