Overwatch Review

Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC

This Overwatch review may be long overdue considering the game launched at the tail end of May 2016 but I think that after a month’s worth of game play, I am poised to write a pretty solid review of this game. Labelled as the next Team Fortress 2, this game generated unbelievable hype before its release with a fairly decent Beta available a few weeks before release. Blizzard clearly listened to some of the feedback following the Beta by making the game play quicker and making the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) model work for consoles. With this in mind has the final product delivered against the expectations?

Huge Character Variation


Overwatch has been blessed with 21 different characters, all with different weapons and traits which means there are plenty of ways you can play this game. If you are an all guns blazing type of player then you will really get on with Reaper or Tracer and if you are more defensively minded then Hanzo and Widowmaker are great characters to carry out your strategic role in the team. Since there are so many characters with so many abilities it means there will be a steep learning curve. No doubt you will want to learn how to use characters from each category so that you can shake things up in battle and find out who kicks the most ass! However, once you have found a handful of characters that suit your game play style then the fun really starts as competing in objective point game modes deliver far more depth than on your first play through.

This game has significant replayability value that is not exposed in the first few multiplayer matches. Some gamers may argue the lack of maps and game modes make this release very shallow game but even if you do hold this opinion it’s highly likely that Blizzard will add more content (maps, attacks, character, etc) through a standard DLC model, fixing this one potential criticism. Despite these critiques it is hard to ignore how many different ways you can play this game. Use long range attacks, short range attacks, melee attacks, special attacks and ultimate attacks in a wide variety of ways. I would recommend you dedicate a good few hours to this game before judging it in its entirety.

Social Gaming At Its Best


This video game has been made with the social gaming at its core. If you do not typically play games with friends then this may not entice you to go out to buy the game. Hopefully this review will encourage you to make some friends online so you can experience the ethos of this game to the full. For example, if you are in a party of 4-5 people then you can easily set yourself up to dominate in various game modes as you take full advantage of different characters abilities. Communication will often be key to victory, something that I don’t think has been so well executed in other first person shooters. There are even examples of players turning to social media to start up an Overwatch team to take into battle, most probably for the reasons mentioned in this review.

If you and your friends are fans of shooters and don’t own this game then you should follow these steps:

  1. Buy Overwatch
    2. Play Overwatch

It’s that simple!

One Last Criticism


The whole of this review has been largely positive so let’s try and balance it out by mentioning the worst thing about the game. My biggest criticism is that there does not seem to be any real character progression. Your success in the game will deliver XP points that increase your player level but this has no significant bearing on the rest of the game. Each time you level up you will earn a Loot Box unlocking character customisations such as victory poses and character outfits. This helps to deliver some more depth to the game but it is clear that Blizzard are not using this levelling up system to its full potential.

I believe Blizzard will eventually incorporate the player level into an in-game marketplace but personally, I would like to see the character level utilised to allow players to unlock different character attacks thus providing more customisation of individual characters. Only time will tell if Blizzard plan to introduce a reason behind the level up system.

In Summary

Overwatch has quite a few pros including an extensive list of characters that creates a game with great replayability value. There are still cons for this game but ultimately I can see Blizzard improving on these downfalls in later DLC’s. If you are fan of shooters then this game is most definitely going to be a game you enjoy and if you often play online with your friends then this game couldn’t be any more perfect! Either way, with time you will grow to love this game.

TJSimpsonz Verdict: 8.5/10


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