TJSimpsonz’ Top 5 E3 2016 Announcements

E3 has been the platform for gaming giants to throw metaphorical punches at each other by revealing some of the most exciting gaming news to the public. E3 2016 has been no different so far as both Sony and Mircosoft have completed their briefings and we have been treated to some great reveals so far. Here are my top 5 announcements to date:

Crash Bandicoot


It may only be a remaster of a fan favourite but I can’t hold back my excitement for this game. I spent hours playing Crash Bandicoot as a child so for nostalgia value alone, this has made it into the top 5. With little information revealed other than suggested revamped graphics and inclusion of the first 3 Crash Bandicoot games, it is hard to believe this will not be a guaranteed success for fans of the series. Let’s just hope they don’t mess with the original Crash formula that made this game so great!

Release Date: TBC

Resident Evil 7

Sony have shown off some of the features of their VR technology this year (released in October 2016) by showcasing a new Resident Evil game with full VR compatibility. The trailer for this game looks amazing and just the thought of experiencing a Resident Evil game first hand sends shivers down my spine. The demo is available now but wait for VR to launch later this year to fully immerse yourself and take on the fear factor. Make a note of the launch date, you will want this game.

Release Date: 24th January 2017

Project Scorpio/PS4 Neo


Xbox teased the release of their ulta-powerful new console at E3 this year and Sony have confirmed they will also release a more powerful version of the PS4. These consoles are rumoured to have 4K gaming and virtual reality compatibility which is exciting news for all gamers. It finally feels like we have entered into the next gen arena with specs to rival many gaming PCs! These updated consoles will not release until next year but at least that gives us all plenty of time to save our pennies with more announcements still to come over the next year.

Release Date: 2017

Forza Horizon 3

The Forza Horizon series is my preferred racing series out of all the current gen racing games, beating off competition from Gran Turismo and Project Cars. Beautiful landscapes, realistic graphics and arcade style game play; the perfect combination for any racing game. The trailer confirms Australia as the beautiful landscape for this game, the graphics once again look amazing and the arcade style of racing has been evident by the inclusion of dune buggies! As a fan of the first two games, this looks to follow on from the first two and will be a definite purchase in 2016.

Release Date: 27th September 2016

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 has looked like 2016’s biggest release since the first trailer went public earlier this year and EA’s new trailer has only confirmed this opinion. New features such as changes in the weather help add a refreshing dynamic to the game but it is the announcement of different playable vehicles that make this game more exciting. Battlefield games are known for the ability to destroy in game landscapes with large weapons and vehicles but Battlefield 1 takes it up a notch. Take control of an armoured train, an air ship and a battleship to take out enemies in this installment. Repeat after me: ‘I need this in my life right now!’

Release Date: 21st October 2016


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