One Piece: Burning Blood Review

Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One, PS Vita, Microsoft Windows

One Piece: Burning Blood has finally been released in Europe and my excitement for this game has been growing with every new trailer and video footage of the gameplay. I really enjoyed the demo of this game too but the sense of disappointment I had with the demo is apparent in the full game; for different reasons.

Perfect (if not, short) Storyline


The campaign element of Burning Blood is focused on the Marineford War arc from the Manga series, which is possibly one of the best One Piece arcs to date. For fans of the game it will be easy to drop in at this point as we know about the preceding 500 episodes that lead us to this part of the story but for those who do not follow One Piece this will seem a tad confusing. With this in mind the campaign is still an enjoyable experience as the cut scenes allow the fans to re-live much of the drama that unfolds, perfectly capturing the One Piece artistry through stunningly, colourful graphics. I should mention a Spoiler Alert, if you are a fan of One Piece but have not watched or read the events that unfold in this arc (then shame on you) I urge you to continue watching or reading before playing this game.

The problem I have with the campaign is that it is very short lived. As a fan, I want more from the One Piece universe and to get my teeth sunk into the events up to Dressrosa and beyond. Maybe this will be added through DLC’s but if so, it will leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

The Fighting Mechanics


One Piece Burning Blood is an addictive 3D fighting game, much different to previous One Piece games such as Pirate Warriors. This allows for more competitive multiplayer action which for me, helps to generate more depth of content. However, there is a learning curve to adapt the fighting mechanics of this particular game. Sure, you can pull off some pretty fancy moves through button bashing and this is no different to other fighting games to some regard but to unlock the potential of this game you will need to spend the time learning different combos for the different characters.

There are an impressive 44 characters in Burning Blood, including characters from the later arcs, allowing gamers to recreate battles between some of One Piece’s fiercest characters. Some of the best moments of this game come when you unlock a characters Ultimate attack and witness full screen cut scenes, transporting you into the anime for brief moments of the game. You can’t help but feel that some characters are missing from this list though and that is simply because One Piece has such as large character roster.

With 4 different game modes including the campaign, this game will at least live up to its price tag and keep fans going for a considerable amount of time.

My Verdict


All in all, I am happy with the full game release but the campaign and character lists hold this game back from being a true classic anime game. Maybe I’m asking too much because I am a fan but I can guarantee it will be enjoyable for all gamers, whether you are a fan or not. I recommend you buy or download this game and maybe this will lead to a desire to engage with the 800+ chapters in the One Piece storyline. For those that follow my advice, I will see you online!

Score: 7/10


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