5 Things We Have Learnt About FPS Games In 2016

First person shooters are a staple in any gamers collection. Every dedicated gamer has played CoD, Battlefield or any other popular FPS game for that matter. Many have grown tired of the repetitive nature of these video games and in all honesty, I’m not disagreeing with some of the strong opinions that are being formed by the gaming community. However, with great titles having already reached our consoles and exciting trailers released for games launching later this year we can learn 5 things about FPS releases in 2016:


1. Improved Social Online Gaming

Playing online with your friends is not a new phenomenon by any stretch of the imagination but it is becoming more important to be part of a community to complete missions and objectives within multilayer platfotms. Destiny and Halo are great examples where having a Fireteam really enhances the multiplayer game modes. Even Tom Clancy’s The Division has proof that improved social gaming features will make a game popular. We are moving away from the single-minded, run and gun experience where your own KDR is the most important outcome from a game. This focus on social gaming is pathing a way for success and long may it continue.


2. Battlefield 1 Is Better Than Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty has been one of the most sought after titles, year in year out. But this year we have seen a new trend for their newly teased title. More people dislike the trailer than like it on YouTube! This doesn’t spell good news ahead of the release date in early November but let’s face it, it’s early doors. Maybe Infinity Ward will pull the cat out the bag. I’m not going to hold my breath. Meanwhile, the new Battlefield trailer shows the guys at DICE are listening to what gamers want from a FPS. For me, Battlefield 1 looks to have given fans what they want and is poised to be one of the most popular video games in 2016. The stats don’t lie; 24m views, over 1m likes and 24k dislikes. That’s impressive but it is yet to be seen whether nostalgia can really make this title the best FPS this year.


3. New Players Will Enter The Arena

2K’s Battleborn has already been released and we will see Blizzard’s Overwatch launch later this month. Both games are carbon copies of each other, both attempting to combine online FPS with Multiplayer Online Battle Arena’s (MOBA). If nothing else at least these games are trying to bring something new to the table with expansive character selections, varied battle mechanics and the promise of hours of new gaming experiences. The is an air of doubt whether these games will stand the test of time but after playing the Overwatch beta, I think they may just be onto something here. Watch this space.

titanfall 2

4. Futuristic Games Are Not Completely Undesirable

Call of Duty has been slated for its apparent desire to continue pushing the franchise into more futuristic battle grounds but this does not mean that the public are not interested in playing futuristic games. Halo has been successful for many years providing only futuristic worlds for its fans. Titanfall 2 has also been announced this year with many people expressing excitement at this news. Most Titanfall fans are hoping that the game has a more balanced campaign mode to complement a decent online multiplayer mode rather than less futuristic features. It is clear that games born into the futuristic genre will be market leaders and games derived from modern wartime, such as Call of Duty, should stick to what they know best. Admittedly, I am looking forward to seeing more from Titanfall 2 this year.

5. All First Person Shooters Have A Generic, Worn Feel

Despite seeing great titles already and game trailers teasing some exciting releases for the rest of the year it looks like gamers are facing a FPS conundrum. Do they want these video games to stay close to their roots or evolve? There are many arguments to back both sides but it may be more accurate to state that most gamers do not know what they want from a good FPS game. This is resulting in game developers re-hashing the same simple concept of a shooter or rebooting an old game to appease disgruntled fans. This does not feel like a step forward and in fact, demonstrates developers and publishers alike are just as confused as the rest of us. There may be some games that stand out by the end of 2016, especially with the release of Overwatch and Battlefield 1 but I fear gamers won’t be truly satisfied until the FPS experience is completely overhauled.


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  1. I would like first person shooters to have an option to play the game as 3rd person (like GTA) as it changes the feel of a game


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