Sea Of Thieves Review

Platforms: Xbox One, PC

Most gamers may say that Microsoft have fell from grace ever since the Xbox One launched and that Sea of Thieves has been their first opportunity to regain some of their former glory by introducing a truly unique and fun exclusive game. Early impressions would indicate success for this open world pirate game considering Sea Of Thieves has become the fastest selling Xbox IP of this generation. It even topped the UK retail charts which is no mean feat considering the sales of Xbox consoles versus the PS4 and even the Switch to some degree. However, there is still mixed opinion within the gaming community as to whether this is a game worth playing. Here are my thoughts… Continue reading “Sea Of Thieves Review”


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Review

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

I was a late comer to the Nintendo Switch but after pre-ordering the console in May 2017, I instantly started looking forward to what else was coming. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 stood out to me from Nintendo’s E3 presentation last year with huge open worlds to explore and lots of anime styled action and story to delve into! Essentially, it is your standard JRPG. After getting the game in December last year, it has taken approx. 3 months to complete the game and I have needed the past week to digest my thoughts. Here is  my verdict on Xenoblade Chronicles 2! Continue reading “Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Review”

Nintendo Switch Rewards Now Available

Nintendo have long had a reward programme for the 3DS and Wii U but as of today, Nintendo Switch owners will also be able to start redeeming My Nintendo Gold Points against purchases in the eShop. With the launch of this new reward scheme it looks like Nintendo want to continue to build momentum for their console by keeping players buying Nintendo games but it is good value for money? Continue reading “Nintendo Switch Rewards Now Available”

Kirby Star Allies Switch Demo Now Available

Kirby games have been a staple for Nintendo for a long time now. He doesn’t get the same reception as a new Mario game or a new Zelda game but he has delivered some good games during those lulls between the perceived top tier Nintendo game. This time around Kirby Star Allies is launching at a time where there are no other game to ‘steal’ it’s thunder and Nintendo look to try and raise the profile of their pink hero by launching a free demo for the Switch today! Continue reading “Kirby Star Allies Switch Demo Now Available”

Monthly Free Games In March 2018

Admittedly, it has been a long time since I have talked about what games will be included in the free monthly selection on Xbox One and PS4 but there does appear to be some interesting choices available in March which have reinvigorated my interest in playing games on these platforms. The other factor in this is that February has been a tough month financially so I am looking to the ‘free’ section to see what upcoming games will keep me tied over until I have some disposable income. So, without further ado, here are the free games for March 2018! Continue reading “Monthly Free Games In March 2018”

New Games Added To Xbox Game Pass In March

Xbox have not done a great deal to gauge my interest in the past few months. The Xbox One X was a great idea but I have deemed it too expensive to warrant upgrading on my current hardware, especially considering I would also need to upgrade my TV to get the full benefit. That said, I have been quietly curious about a few games for the Xbox platform and it looks like some of them are now being added to their Xbox Game Pass service this month!
Continue reading “New Games Added To Xbox Game Pass In March”

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