Personal Highlights from E3 2019

E3 came and went this year and much of it felt like trying to swallow a lukewarm coffee to me. Not long ago the coffee was hot and I was excited to consume it in all its glory but after sitting for a few hours, it soon lost its promise on delivering a satisfactory experience. Is this coffee analogy a little too abstract? Ok, I’ll just come out with it – E3 was largely mediocre but in and amongst much of the mediocrity, there were some very good announcements that I am excited for. Remember, this is my personal opinion and if you loved this year’s E3 then good for you! Hers is a rundown by publisher/developer.

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New Game Releases in June 2019

It may already be 4 days into June but thankfully, none of the games that would have made it into my top new releases blog for June 2019 have been released yet! June is E3 month, a time where lots of exciting titles will see release dates, most of which will be coming out at the end of the year. But there may yet be a couple of surprises for us. So bear this in mind when reading this post, it was pre-E3 and the best of the bunch at the time. Let’s dive in!

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E3 2019 Predictions: Xbox

I recently did a big post on MSFT recently and whether they are on the cusp of a comeback of sorts and now E3 is almost here we have a few more details about what their plans are. Without going over too much of the same content, here are my predictions for what we can probably expect from MSFT and Xbox at E3 2019.

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E3 2019 Predictions: Nintendo

As May draws to a close, it means that E3 is upon us and it means I can start to predict what the various different platform holders will be showing off during their presentations. Since Sony won’t be at this year’s E3, it will give Nintendo and Microsoft to flex their upcoming software and hardware for fans that are eagerly awaiting massive updates and reveals for their favourite gaming devices. Let’s start with Nintendo who appear to be set up for a very exciting second half to 2019.

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One Piece: World Seeker Review

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

One Piece is series I love. I have watched near enough every episode, read many of the manga chapters and I’m in it for the long haul. I have bought most of the more recent One Piece video games and generally enjoyed them, even when the reviews have been average at best. So I went into One Piece: World Seeker with high hopes – it was the first open world One Piece game of its kind and hopefully that would result in it being the best One Piece game of all time. I had read reviews before buying it which made me question my positivity but I proceeded to purchase the game regardless. It turned out to be the right decision.

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A Marked Improved on the State of Play Format From PlayStation

Sony are still new to these Nintendo Direct style broadcasts – the first one received a significant amount of negative feedback, probably because people who enjoy video games tend to always want more than what they are given. That said, PlayStation definitely didn’t nail the formula first time round and their second attempt was a much-needed improvement. It may have only be roughly half the time of the first State of Play but it was probably twice as good!

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