Runner 3 Getting Physical On Switch

For anyone who is not familiar with the Runner games, the news that Runner 3 will be getting a physical release would be akin to me telling you I had a burger for lunch. The information may not get you on your feet screaming with excitement but for me, and hopefully other Runner fans, this is a nice early Christmas gift! Therefore, I recommend that anyone who hasn’t familiarised themselves to the world of CommanderVideo to go out and try out the first two games before coming back and soaking in the exciting information below! Continue reading “Runner 3 Getting Physical On Switch”


Super Mario Odyssey Review

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Having spent weeks away from scrawling my thoughts about video games I have returned to share my opinions about one of the biggest game releases of 2017. Super Mario Odyssey was a hugely anticipated title for the Nintendo Switch and was the straw that broke the camel’s back for many people who were still deciding to buy the latest Nintendo console. Whilst the principle of this Mario game did not falter (save Princess Peach from Bowser) the game introduced some new concepts coupled with the traditional open world platforming that many fans have missed since the days of Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario Sunshine. Surely, this would be a recipe for success? Continue reading “Super Mario Odyssey Review”

Must Buy Games In November

You came here to find out what must buy games are heading your way next month and for that I commend you but I must apologise for not sharing the best games for the past couple of months. October has been and gone and you never knew if I had a sneaky game suggestion for you! Well, let’s start with some honorable mentions from the past month including Forza 7, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Assassin’s Creed: Origins and Super Mario Odyssey. Now that is out the way, here are my game recommendations for November! Continue reading “Must Buy Games In November”

Nintendo Switch Halloween Sale Starts Today

The end of 2017 approaches and this means one thing for gamers; a barrage of sales where we can possibly find cheap deals on awesome games that evaded our grasp earlier in the year. It looks like Nintendo will be the first to kick off this off with their Halloween Sale. Whilst the sale stretches across 3DS and Wii U, I am more interested in the sale on the Nintendo Switch eshop in case which has a few deals all Switch owners should consider. You can find the full list of games here. Continue reading “Nintendo Switch Halloween Sale Starts Today”

Pokken Tournament DX Review

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Currently I am going between a handful of games and one of those is Pokken Tournament DX on my Nintendo Switch. Having been a big Pokemon fan when I was younger, at least up until approx. Gen 3 was introduced, I was unsure if this game would still resonate with me. I questioned if my lack of knowledge of more recent Pokemon would put me at a disadvantage but I have found my experience with this game to be surprising, if only after a little dedication. Continue reading “Pokken Tournament DX Review”