Fortnite: Battle Royale Switch Review

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Fortnite: Battle Royale coming to Nintendo Switch was one of the big reveals from Nintendo’s E3 Direct. Sure, it was leaked and expected by the vast majority of gamers but we are talking about a title that has been so popular recently that being able to play in handheld is pure joy! Fortnite: Battle Royale has seen 2 million downloads in under 24 hours showing just how much people have wanted to play this game on Nintendo’s hybrid console but the real question is, how does it compare to all the other versions?

It’s The Same Battle Royale Game We Love


Epic Games has done a fantastic job of bringing the F2P battle royale, Fortnite to Switch. For anyone who doesn’t know, Fortnite started off as a sandbox survival game but soon added the Battle Royale game mode as a free download to help get players into the original game. What happened was a huge influx of players who couldn’t get enough of the Battle Royale game mode. 100 players drop in a vibrant and colourful map in a bid to be the last man standing. Taking a lot of influences from PUBG, Fortnite: Battle Royale soon developed a unique personality and it wasn’t long before it was beating PUBG at its own game!

After launching across PC and consoles, Fortnite has recently been made available on Switch. All the other versions, expect mobile, can run the game at 4K and 60FPS and it sure does look great but let’s just remember what the Switch is. It won’t run the game at 4K and it definitely isn’t running the game at 60FPS but this is still a comfortable playing experience. However, if you don’t settle for anything less than 60FPS then you should stick to other platforms Besides, if you have played on PS4 then you won’t be able to link your account on Switch so you may as well just continue playing on PS4 until Sony or Epic look to improve this transition.

So, what of the actual game play? Well, the general movement within the game feels good but there are times where it can feel a little janky. Running into buildings and picking up items make take a little adjustment but once you have the hang of this, it will soon be embedded into your muscle memory for those moments where you need to quickly swap weapons, starting building, shoot at enemies or run inside for cover.

Building is also very smooth but I’m not sure this feels as fluid as the console versions. Having played frequently on Xbox One, there is a noticeable difference when trying to build large structures on Nintendo Switch. Some of this may come down to the fact I’m using the Joy-cons which I still don’t think complement shooters but building can sometimes feel cumbersome on the Switch version. Let’s face it though, the Switch version will always feel different to other versions, especially given the difference in power from other consoles!

Despite a couple of forgivable flaws, Fortnite: Battle Royale is a shining example of how to voice chat on the Nintendo Switch. This cross platform voice chat works well for players who want to squad up across multiple platforms and shoot and build long into the night! It is surprising to think this is not the norm for every other game on Switch but here’s hoping it becomes the inspiration to add this to more Switch games.

The Dreaded Word – Microtransactions


Fortnite: Battle Royale is your typical F2P game. There will be microtransactions in game but at least for this game, these microtransactions are purely cosmetic and completely optional. With a huge selection of customisations for your character which can be unlocked by buying the battle pass or bought individually from the store, some players may be interested in investing in a new wardrobe. What makes this all the more enticing is that if you play Fortnite: Battle Royale across multiple platforms, then you can carry over your battle pass (which costs approx. £8) to nearly every other platform and continue collecting your rewards as you level up.

Sony is the only one at the moment that is not playing ball with the cross play functionality and have reportedly been holding Epic accounts to ransom. Incidentally, players who have connected their Epic account to their PS4 can not play on the same Epic account on any other platform, under any circumstances. Not cool Sony!

Fortnite has come in for a lot of flak recently as children have been spending obscene amount of money on their parent’s credit cards, some of whom have recorded videos of this but with some common sense, the microtransactions can be a lot of fun. For any parents concerned about Fortnite coming to Switch, you will be happy to hear Nintendo have impressive parental control on the Switch so be sure to check this out before letting your kids go wild on the console.

The Verdict

Whilst this review is probably shorter than most of my other reviews, this is hardly a new game, many of us have played Fortnite before and Epic have managed to create a solid version of Fortnite for Nintendo Switch players. There are some noticeable differences and you may need a little time to adjust but all are understandable given the difference in power between the Switch and other platforms (excluding mobile). Make sure to take advantage of cross platform chat and purchases so you can continue to squad up with your friends and also continue where you left off if you started playing elsewhere. I will still play on my Xbox One every now and again but I will most likely be playing the Switch version at any other opportunity, such as on lunch breaks or when the TV in the living room is being used for something else. Kudos to Epic for bringing this to Switch – the downloads speak for themselves.

TJSimpsonz Score: 9/10


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