A New Found Love For Indie Games

You would only have to look back a handful of years to see how much my gaming habits have changed. I predominantly played AAA titles ranging from Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, Grand Theft Auto and FIFA. Whilst some of those games still persist in my games library, these AAA games stand next to a raft of very good indie titles. The impact of these indies have been so great that I am now actively seeking out indie games to fill my time between the odd AAA title here and there. Continue reading “A New Found Love For Indie Games”


New Game Releases in September 2018

After a prolonged summer break I am back ready to write about video games once again. In the midst of Gamescom, the announcements are starting to filter through which means talking about new video game releases is very fitting. Whilst there are many game scoming out after September, let’s focus on the month ahead as there are still a few exciting games coming out in the next month. I hope you have saved up some cash, you may need it! Continue reading “New Game Releases in September 2018”

Microsoft Plan On Launching Two New Next Gen Consoles

As much as Microsoft disappointed at the beginning of the current gen life cycle with the original Xbox One, they have made huge strides in the right direction. The only way for them to gain significant market share from the likes of Sony will be to launch a completely new console. The Xbox One X was considered a mid-gen console and whilst it has helped strengthen the Xbox brand, it did little in terms of denting PlayStation’s dominance. It’s no secret that Microsoft are already developing the next Xbox console, they mentioned it during their E3 presentation but the biggest surprise is there are potentially 2 new consoles on the way! Continue reading “Microsoft Plan On Launching Two New Next Gen Consoles”

New Game Releases in August 2018

It has been a while but I am reviving an old series of blogs that highlighted my top games releasing next month. Restarting with August 2018 and there are some great looking indie titles launching that are definitely worth buying and some others that could well be worth your time. If you are looking for something new and exciting to play then look no further! Here are my recommendations for August 2018. Continue reading “New Game Releases in August 2018”

Xbox Ultimate Game Sale is Live until 30th July

Everyone loves some money off of their game purchases and Xbox players will be able to save a pretty penny with some of the deals in Microsoft’s yearly Ultimate Game sale. Bag a bargain and save up to 65% on more than 700 Xbox games and if you’re an Xbox Live Gold member then you can save an additional 10%. It’s not just games that you can save on either as there are also discounts on 3 month memberships for both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. You have until 30th July on these deals so take a look and if any take your fancy then be quick. Continue reading “Xbox Ultimate Game Sale is Live until 30th July”

Sea Of Thieves: Cursed Sails Will Launch on 31st July

Whilst my first impression of Sea Of Thieves was not great, I continue to look out for how the game develops as I still believe the game has great potential. With updates planned through the rest of 2018 to go alongside the previous patches and the Hungering Deep update from a couple of months back then there is still time for Rare to change my mind on this game. Cursed Sails is the next update that could cause me to re-review the game and is due to release on 31st July but what can players expect from this latest update? Continue reading “Sea Of Thieves: Cursed Sails Will Launch on 31st July”


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